Monday, October 10, 2011

The most embarrassing experience of my life

The most embarrassing experience of my life happened on very rainy day.  I was a Busan National University student. After my class, I wanted to go home. because the rain was too heavy. I walked down the street with my friend and went up the stairs. While I was ascending the stairs, I heard the subway train coming.  I was in a hurry to get on the subway train. I got on  the subway train but my friend missed it. I wanted her to get on the subway train, so I stuck my umbrella between the sliding doors. I had heard that if the sliding doors where blocked, they would open again. so I tried it. When I put the umbrella into the sliding doors, The sliding doors didn’t open again! The doors just closed with my umbrella stuck between them. The passengers inside the train looked at me and laughed, but I couldn’t move the umbrella. I was  just standing in front of the doors holding my umbrella. When the subway train entered the next stop, the people on the platform who were waiting to get on looked at me and my umbrella with smiles. I got off the train and ran away because I was so ashamed.
I read an article similar to my story. One man got on the subway train. It was a busy subway line. so when he got off the subway train, he left his one shoe. When a passenger looked at the this situation, he threw the shoe to the platform for the shoe owner. At the same time the shoe owner got back on the train to take his shoe and the door closed. train left. The shoe owner was just standing without his one shoe and the shoe was left on the platform.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Special times

 This is the first time to go to see an opera with my mother in 2009. In that year, I earned the money by myself. so I wanted to see an opera with my mother. She really wanted to see an opera. My mother and I went to Seoul and saw The Phantom Of the Opera. We saw the opera in VIP seats. She really really enjoyed and delighted. I was so sorry to her. She has had no time to enjoy things like this opera because of taking care of me. I was very happy because I made her laugh. I’ve never forgotten her smile.

 This is me when I graduated from the Busan National University of Education. Actually I had graduated from Busan National University. but I wanted to be an elementary teacher, so I entered BNUE. I had two bachelor’s degrees. I was very pleaased to graduate university. I took eight years to study in university. It was very long long time.

This is my family. In 2008, my mother made a big plan. She decided to travel Europe by car and stay not in the hotel but in the tent. We agreed with her decision because of her power in our family. We traveled Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. We sometimes broke the traffic rules and one time, we were caught by a traffic cop. He forgave us because we were foreigners. We experienced hail in Italy. What a surprising thing. I have never experienced hail before that time. It was a very special trip for our family. We will never forget that trip.

 They are my best friends. We met each other when we were high school students. Thirteen years have passed since we met. In 2004, We wanted to go hiking, so we went to Mt Seorak. We climbed the mountain and reached the Ulsanstone which is hard for people to climb It was very hard for us because we didn’t any tools needed for climbing the mountain. In spite of the difficulty, it was pleasant.

 I love bags. I don’t know when I started to love bags exactly. Maybe It was the time when my mother gave to me the bag for celebrating my first job. My younger brother doesn’t understand my love for bags. but It is similar to cars! Men always want to ride a good cars and same for  me. I want to have a good bag. It doesn’t mean an expensive bag, but special bag.